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Silicon Valley Hit HBO TV Show Just Suggested Blockchain!

When Silicon Valley by HBO Introduced The World To Something New! Being the huge tech geek I am I just about spit my lemon lime Gatorade and Cheetos at the screen the moment I saw this happen on one of my favorite television shows! They ...
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What They Don’t Tell You: An Entrepreneur’s Manifesto

“All I got is dreams, but nobody else believes, nobody else can see, nobody else but me,” raps Jay-Z in his song, “History.” I doubt he intended for these lyrics to be my entrepreneurial mantra, but they are. About a year ago, I began my ...
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Sponsor Spotlight: Rosewood Consulting

This world needs strong and efficient leaders, leaders who can step up to the plate and take on any challenge that comes their way. Many people see the many leaders of the various fields in the world and think of them as strong as passionate ...
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Email Marketing Technology – How to Select the Right One

Email marketing has evolved since its beginning and the options for tools and technology to support it has grown and become more complex. Doing a search of “email marketing” will provide an overwhelming amount of research and solutions to choose from. How do you begin ...
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Sponsor Interview Spotlight: BKG Media and Promotions

When you need a product to push a promotion and get a closer relationship with your audience you come to people like BKG Media. Best part of all is, you won’t find a more qualified man. Holding a CPSIA Certification (meaning the products he works ...
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When Worlds Collide: iOS and Android

When thinking of a smartphone most people instantly think of IPhone and Android. The two giants have taken over the mobile market for years and look to have it for the foreseeable future. So when you decide to have an app on both, what are ...
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Sponsor Spotlight: Marketing Strategy Solutions!

Janet is an aspiration. Janet is a leader. Janet is the person businesses come to when they need an effective marketing strategy that WORKS. Janet likes working with entrepreneurial start-ups and small businesses focused on growth. Consulting allows her to work with a variety of ...
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NeXT Rises to power!

On October 12, 1988 the one of the original co-founders of apple found himself in a very advantageous position with the release of his newest system geared toward the education market. This coming after his historic termination from his original company. What's probably the most ...
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7 Steps to Start an Effective Email Marketing Program

Keeping in touch with customers is vital to your business. Consumers today are doing more research into the products they buy than ever before. By applying the right amount of communication at the right time you can keep customers thinking of you when they are ...
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Growing Internet Attraction Through Blogging

The internet can be a goldmine for anyone looking to gain interest in a service or just to get a word out there. Millions of people log into social media, check their email, or even search a random thought on Google. Making your word go ...
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Everyone’s Favorite Price is Free.

It is now more possible than ever before for anybody with a good idea to create a revolutionary product to share with the world. While this is a great opportunity for startups to get their name out there and offer something that nobody has ever ...
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Modern Technology and What it Means for You

Let’s face it, you use technology for everything. From your computer down to the car you drive everyday technology has taken over almost every aspect of our lives which can be pretty daunting. Fortunately, there is no need to be intimidated by this new change. ...
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Going Digital in Marketing

Marketing has been around for decades. From hand drawn store fliers to that television ad you just can not get out of your head. This form of growing your business has recently been evolving in ways we never thought possible, and your business can take ...
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